I’ve given a couple of interviews and presentations that people might be interested to follow.

Profitable Python with Ben McNeill

I talked with Ben McNeill for an hour or so about how I got into coding and such. It was a fun discussion, and Ben is a really kind person. You can listen to the whole interview here.

Remote Python Pizza

Some amazing people put together a one-day, remote-only conference of Python talks. I was lucky enough to be chosen, and I talked about using test-driven development to teach beginners. I put all my slides and example code into a GitHub repo.


I’ve also had a chance to speak with Felipe at Data Futurology and Dustin at The SysAdminShow, and I’m looking forward to talking to Grant at Develomentor.

I summarized the ideas from SysAdminShow interview into a GitHub repo that contains an discussion about moving sysadmin-type tasks from bash to Python along with many code examples.